Abe is still Alive.

if someone did see this blog, they are feel "hey, what the fucking say this guy?".

okay, but I guess when I thinking this fucking show in physics...it's a little bit wired...

I'll show you some exmaples here.

And I'll typing some Japanese words here. and you guys translate these Japanese words.

Japanese subs








(Translate result)

・Situation when former Prime Minister Abe was shot

・Hit the left upper arm and neck.

① Abe turned around at the sound of the first gunshot.

② Move forward and fire the second shot. (Suspect Yamagami)

The distance between Yamagami suspect and former Prime Minister Abe is approximately 6 to 7 meters.(6.56yd to 7.66yd)

However, bullet holes were also found in Yamagami's campaign car, located 27 meters away. (29.53yd)

My opinion

If you translated these JP words, you feel strange about this show.

Why ohter random people are no injury?Why yamagami's gun didn't kill Abe's gardmen, and back side random people?

And a youtuber made a yamagami pipe gun in Youtube,but that video was deleted from Jewitube.

Well anyway that pipe gun doesn't work.(I saw that video and then I remember kind of like that result...)

And also If I try to kill the Abe... I will use a car and I will attack to Abe with Car.

Or I will kill Abe from Knife. it's easy.

Then Abe will be completely die.

But why Yamagami don't do like that?

Basically you can't do terror in Japan. it's not easy.

but that day is very easy for terror. because guard is very thin.

Then like I said "show". well I fucking don't care if Abe alive or die.

They are want to control the people, and they are want to make the new destopia law for "against terror".

I guess that accident is show like 9.11 in Japan.

you know, maybe you say "you're cray cray". or dumb.but I don't give a shit.

I just wanted to say "my opinion".it's just a bit for topic.

That's it.